Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Table Favors...

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Just finished up teaching a class at  Heartland Paper Co. and it was fun to get back into the groove of teaching. I had taken a little sabatical from teaching and was focusing mostly on design, but I really do love the teaching part of my job. It is so great to be able to inspire and make ladies realize that they are more creative and capable than they think they are. So rewarding :)

Here are the projects we made. I did some fun little table favors for Easter (which is coming up FAR to quickly!) Yikes! But these are easy enough to make and they don't take a ton of time which is a bonus in my book.

 This was a class showing projects made using the ScorPal  paper scoring tool. One of my favorite tools of all time! If you haven't ever used one - go to the website and check it out. This is a great tool for paper crafters! Love it, love it!

Here are the 4 projects we did. I have included the instructions for you so you can make some of your own!

Cute little bunny made with a scored sheet of white cardstock and the ears, nose, teeth and feet were cut out on my Silhouette.

Bunny Treat Bag
Supplies needed:
3 ½ x 10 ½ inch cardstock
Bunny Body shapes (made on Silhouette machine):
1 white outer ear, 1 pink inner ear, pink nose, 2 white teeth, 2 feet, 6 small circles for paws on feet.
Pink and white bakers twine (6 inches used. Cut into three 2 inch pieces)
Cellophane bag trimmed to 4 inches high.

Step 1- Turn paper to 10 ½ inch side and score the paper at 2 inches, 6 inches and 7 ½ inches.
Step 2 – Trim cellophane bag to 4 inches high. Attach cellophane bag to front flap of box with a strong adhesive. Fill the bag with treats. Seal off the top of the cellophane bag with staples or ribbon.
Step 3- Round the bottom corners of the top flap of the box. Glue the top flap to the box front. You may also use magnets or Velcro for this step.
Step 4- Embellish the box with the bunny ears, nose, teeth, feet, paws and whiskers. Add eues with a black pen.

A fun utensil holder that looks like a carrot!

Carrot Utensil Holder
Supplies needed:
6x6 inch square of paper
½ triangle cut from green dot paper
½ yard green ric-rac.
Scallop rectangle tag

Step 1- Turn 6x6 inch paper on a diagonal and line up paper at the 6 inch mark on the ScorPal. Make a small pencil mark at the 4 inch mark and the 8 inch mark.
Step 2- Line up the mark you made at the 4 inch line along the middle of the ScorPal. Score your paper along this mark. Be mindful that the bottom corner of the paper is in line with the 6 inch mark as well before you score. Do this same step with the mark you made at the 8 inch line.
Step 3- Line up the marks you made at the 4 and 8 inch line along the 6 inch line of the ScorPal. Score this line.
Step 4-Fold the scored lines in. Add adhesive to the bottom outside edge of the fold as show to glue box together.
Step 5- Add Easter grass and utensils. Tie green ric-rac around box. Punch a small hole in the top corner of the scallop rectangle and add name to name tag. Tie tag to green ric-rac.

Remember Cootie Catchers from elementary school? That is all this cute little project is, its just flipped upside down!

Easter Candy Cootie Catcher

Supplies needed:

10x10 inch paper

2 blue scallop circles

1 pink circle

Chick accent

Sucker stick

Orange ribbon

Step 1- Score 10x10 paper at 5 inches.
Step 2- Turn paper and score again at 5 inches.
Step 3- Fold corners to the middle
Step 4- Turn paper over and fold all points to the middle.
Step 5- Fold the paper in half.
Step 6- Pinch edges of papers together a few times to get the shape of the box going.
Step 7- Turn box upside down and pierce a hole through the center.
Step 8- Assemble the topper. Glue one blue scallop circle to back of sucker stick. Glue other blue scallop circle, pink circle and chick embellishment to front of sucker stick. Tie orange ribbon to the stick.
Step 9- Place stick in center of box and fill box with treats.

A fun and simple little basket to hold a few treats!

Easter Basket
Supplies needed:
9x9 inch cardstock
9x1 ½ inch cardstock for handle
2 pink easter eggs
2 chevron printed papers for eggs
2 lg. yellow flowers
2 blue circle punches
2 orange buttons

Step 1- Score a 9x9 inch piece of cardstock at 3 inches and 6 inches. Turn once and score again at 3 inches and 6 inches. It will look like a grid.
Step 2- Take scissors and snip on top and bottom sides of the grid at 3 inch mark and 6 inch mark just until you reach the center line and stop.
Step 3- Glue the sides of the box flaps to the center of the box. Do this to both sides.
Step 4- Attach handle to inside of box. Add egg shapes to both sides of the box.
Step 5 – Add flowers and buttons to the eggs. Fill basket with treats.

Have fun creating these wonderful projects! They are sure to add just the right touch to your Easter celebrations!
Take care-