Friday, September 7, 2012

Cupcake Throne Tutorial

Hey all-
I have had several requests for the instructions on how make my Cupcake Throne that I did in my Scor Pal class at Heartland so here it is! This was such a fun little project to do and I love that it only takes one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper! So here we go!

Cupcake Throne:
5 ¼ x 11 brown cardstock
3 ¼ x 11 brown cardstock
2 ½ inch circle punch
3x 4 ¼ green cardstock
Stripe pattern paper 3x2 (Hello Cupcake Imaginisce)
3 green cardstock strips
- (2) 3/4x 3 ¾ for sides.
- (1) 3/4x3 for front
3 strips stripe paper
-(2) 1/2x 3 ¾ for sides
-(1) ½ x 3 for front
Sticker from Imaginisce

Step 1- Place 5 ¼ x 11 paper on Scor Pal on 11 inch side. Score paper at 1, 5, 6 and 10 inches

Step 2- Turn and place paper on Scor Pal on 5 ¼ inch side. Score at 1 inch and 4 ¼ inch 

Step 3- Snip edges in middle and snip away top and bottom corners.


Step 4- Fold in edges on top section and use a 2 ½ inch circle punch to punch a hole in this section. It is ok that the 2 side flaps get punched as they will tuck into the center of the box and not be seen.                              

  Step 5- Adhere edges in. Make sure the circle punch section is on the top.

Step 6-Take 3 ¼ x 11 piece and lay the 11 inch side on the ScorPal. Score at 5 ½ inches.

Step 7- Glue this section to back of bottom box. I like to overlap the different edges of the two boxes for a cleaner look.

Step 8- Embellish with ribbon, pattern paper and stickers. Glue small cardstock and stripe paper strips along front and sides of base. Add your favorite cupcake and enjoy!
Thanks for joining me! Stay tuned for some sneak previews on the projects that I will be doing at my Halloween ScorPal class in October! Thanks again!


Lisa Andrews said...

Really cute Tya! Lisa

Ravengirl said...

This is darling! I just love your cupcake throne!!