Thursday, April 16, 2015

Using Your 6x6 Paper Pad Scraps - Tutorial with Tya

Hi everyone! I'm here to share with you a fun tutorial today. I adore, like really adore 6x6 paper pads. They are the perfect size for card making, but inevitably I am always stuck with oodles of little scraps after I am done with my projects, so today, I wanted to share with you a quick and easy tutorial on how to use up those scraps.

First-  I gathered up my supplies to make my card. I am using the 6x6 paper pad from the Jill collection that Lori designed for Echo Park. I am also using the decorative brads, chipboard stickers and element stickers.
I also used a sheet of kraft cardstock.

Next I opened up the Silhouette. I like to used the grid function when I am dealing with scraps. The Grid is on the far right side of the toolbar. To make it true to size, I do 1 inch spacing and 1 divisions - this basically makes (12)  1 inch squares along the top and sides so it is just like the Silhouette mat.

Now, I find my card shapes and lay them out on the workspace. I try and utilize the mat and lay my shapes out evenly so they will be easy to cut out.  I used the Card 1 shape (Lori Whitlock Shop) or a2 Flower Card (Silhouette Store).

Now this next step, it's just what I do when I cut scraps, I am sure there is an easier way, but this is what I like to do because it is pretty fool proof. So I take a scrap piece of paper and cut out all my shapes. I like to do either white or kraft because I save these and can use them on another card. So I lay out all my shapes and cut them out.
Here is where those pesky cut marks, like the one below, that we get on our mats come in handy. I take my real papers and basically lay them over the cut marks that were previously made.

Now the shapes are all cut out and we were able to use up some of those little scraps- AND we only had to make ONE cut! This is such a time saver! No having to guess or measure exactly where the papers are, just lay them over the cut marks and you are set!
 Here is the finished card -

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope I have inspired you to pull out all those scraps and have fun creating beautiful cards! Have a great day!

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